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Arm Lift ​


Arm Lift surgery improves the shape
and contours of your arms
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Know your procedure​

How much does a Arm Lift surgery cost?

The cost of Arm Lift surgery is highly personalised depending upon the requirements of the patient and the outcome of the medical assessment conducted by Mr Ammar Allouni.

What is Arm Lift surgery?

An Arm Lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a surgical treatment that removes loose skin and fatty deposits from the upper arm in order to create a more sculpted and aesthetically attractive arm.

What are the benefits of Arm Lift surgery?

Arm Lift surgery renders firmer, leaner and more slender arms restoring shapely arms.

Arm Lift surgery at a glance

Surgical Time
1-2 hours

Anaesthetic Type


Suggested Time off work

2 weeks
Hospital Stay
Suggested time before shower
24 hours

Full Recovery

6-8 weeks

About Arm Lift Surgery

If you are seeking to remove excess fat deposits, cellulite and skin from your arms, then you should go for an arm lift surgery. This procedure will help you to improve the shape and contours of your arms and boost your sense of emotional wellbeing.

Liposuction and skin excision are two key surgical processes involved in arm lift surgery. Liposuction targets fat deposits in the upper arm and adjacent regions. Small, inconspicuous incisions are made in the armpit and on the back of the elbow. The fat around the arm will then be removed carefully by Mr Ammar Allouni. 

Excision of loose skin beneath the arm, commonly known as “Bingo Wings,” is a common procedure. This may be occurring naturally in the patient or as a consequence of liposuction treatment that has removed extra fat deposits. From the back of the elbow, along the line between the inside and rear of the arm, curving into the armpit, skin is excised in a long ellipse shape. To minimize any scar visibility, it is crucial to keep track of where it will be positioned.

Arm lift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and usually spans between 1 to 2 hours. Typically, there are three main types of arm lift surgeries.

Mini Arm Lift (minimal incision): In this procedure a single incision will be made in the form of a crescent beneath the armpit. This may be extended in a ‘T-Line’ into the arm. People with little additional skin and fat in the upper arm region will benefit most from this technique, which will produce less scarring than a basic arm lift. The wound will be hidden within the armpit. 

Standard Arm Lift (inner arm incision): In this procedure the armpit is incised through the skin, vein and muscle. By making two separate incisions, one from the upper arm to just above the elbow, between the biceps and triceps, and another on the back of your arm from the armpit to just above the elbow along with the tricep region, this surgery provides for a more natural look. Mr Ammar Allouni will remove any extra skin and fat before tightening and realigning the underlying tissues. When you hold your arms at your sides, it is impossible to see any scars. This technique is thought to provide a better final result than a mini arm lift.

Extended Brachioplasty: The incision for an extended arm lift begins at the elbow, proceeds through the armpit and into the side of the chest. Mr Ammar Allouni will remove extra skin and fat after making the incision, then tighten the underlying tissues. He will either get rid of it straight away using liposuction or use it to remove excess fat. Since this method scars extensively and goes all the way down to the side of the chest, surgeons are rarely inclined to go for it.

During your first appointment at our clinic, Mr. Ammar Allouni will clarify all your questions regarding the procedure. He will recommend surgery only if it is the best option for you. You will also be encouraged to clarify any doubts regarding the recovery period, post-surgical care and the expected outcomes.

He will take your detailed medical history and conduct relevant clinical assessments, which might be followed by a 3D projection of the expected result – if surgery is indicated in your case. Additionally, he will inform you of the potential risks and complications of the surgery. 

Some of your medications might require adjustments prior to the surgery or additional drugs may be prescribed. You will be asked to discontinue drugs like aspirin and herbal medications (if any) for a few days before and after the procedure. 

Mr Ammar Allouni will also inform you about certain precautions to be taken before and after surgery. He will instruct you to quit smoking and to avoid consuming alcohol and recreational drugs for a few days before and after the surgery.

  • Pre-Surgical Care: After your full body assessment and before your surgery day you get the list of precautionary measures – what all you should avoid and what all you should do for the best results.


  • Day of Surgery: Mr Allouni follows the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) guidelines for all cosmetic procedures. On the day of surgery, your health status will be reassessed thoroughly and a qualified nurse will prepare you for the procedure. Mr Ammar Allouni and his team will ensure your well-being and comfort throughout the procedure.


  • Post-Surgical Care: Mr Allouni and his team will be at your side while you are recovering. Once you are ready to go home you will be receiving a proper guideline of dos and don’ts that you need to follow and instructions on how often you need to be in touch with your surgeon to share your recovery status.


  • Follow up Stage – FREE: You will be provided with a schedule about your follow up appointments. All your follow-ups with your surgeon will be completely free.


  • Personalised Care: Once you have gone through your surgery, you can always directly contact with Mr Ammar Allouni and his team in case you face any issue or concern in future.

After the surgery, your sutures will be removed after approximately seven days, any bruising and swelling will go down in two to three weeks, and you should expect to take one to two weeks off from work. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is likely that Arm Lift surgery will leave a scar, however Mr Ammar Allouni will try and position the incision so that it will be hidden where possible. In addition, scars should even out with time.

Arm lift procedures have a long-term impact. If you put on weight excessively, for example, the arm shape may revert to its pre-operative state. As a result, you must continue to maintain the outcome by following healthy eating and exercise habits. 

Risks of arm lift surgery do exist, and it is critical to recognize them before undergoing surgery. Potential risks of arm lift surgery include temporary swelling, numbness, scarring, poor healing, infection, nausea, haematoma, seroma and fat necrosis.

Mr Ammar Allouni has a high level of expertise and maintains exceptional standards in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. You may feel more at ease with the kind of knowledge and the surgery mettle that he possesses.
If you are looking for an excellent care from initial consultation to final discharge, Mr Ammar Allouni is your go to surgeon.

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Mr Ammar Allouni himself attends his patients from first consultation to final discharge.

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