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About the Service

You may notice a drooping of the mid-face, jowls, and neck after weight reduction.
Following a face and neck lift, you would anticipate a more wrinkle-free face and neck
region. The removal of slack facial skin and any undesirable fatty deposits with facelift
surgery (Rhytidectomy) produces a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance. A neck lift
(Platysmaplasty) improves sagging skin and wrinkles around the neck and jaw area by hiding
the scar behind your ear and in your hair.

A substantial weight reduction is an incredible achievement. It enhances your health and
boosts your self-esteem. After you lose significant weight, you are left with large amounts of
baggy skin around your face and neck as a result of extended stretching of the skin with fat
accumulation over time. This occurs since the skin is stretched for long periods of time under
constant weight gain and when a lot of weight is lost, the skin and tissues frequently lack
elasticity or may be permanently harmed and unable to shrink back to its original size. If you
are facing such issues, then you can opt for facial procedures.

When you decide to go for a facelift and necklift surgery, we first perform a full assessment
to ensure that it is safe to carry out the procedure. For facelift procedure, Mr Ammar Allouni
first makes an incision to gain access to reposition the deeper tissues and creates a firmer
base for the skin. The excess skin is then removed. The procedure smoothens out the
creases and tightens the facial skin resulting in a rejuvenated and youthful look. Necklift
surgery involves the removal of fat and the tightening of the skin of the neck and jawline
region. The skin and muscle are pulled back, and excess skin and excess fatty deposits are

During your first appointment at our clinic, Mr. Ammar Allouni will clarify all your questions
regarding the procedure. He will recommend surgery only if it is the best option for you. You
will also be encouraged to clarify any doubts regarding the recovery period, post-surgical
care and the expected outcomes.

He will take your detailed medical history and conduct relevant clinical assessments, which
will be followed by a 3D projection of the expected result – if surgery is indicated in your
case. Additionally, he will inform you of the potential risks and complications of the surgery. 

Some of your medications might require adjustments prior to the surgery or additional drugs
may be prescribed. You will be asked to discontinue drugs like aspirin and herbal
medications (if any) for a few days before and after the procedure. 

Mr. Ammar Allouni will also inform you about certain precautions to be taken before and
after surgery. He will instruct you to quit smoking and to avoid consuming alcohol and
recreational drugs for a few days before and after the surgery.

  • Pre-Surgical Care: After your full body assessment and before your surgery day you get the list of precautionary measures – what all you should avoid and what all you should do for the best results.

  • Day of Surgery: Mr. Allouni follows the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) guidelines for all cosmetic procedures. On the day of surgery, your health status will be reassessed thoroughly by the patient care coordinator and a qualified nurse will prepare you for the procedure. Mr. Ammar Allouni and his team will ensure your well-being and comfort throughout the procedure.

  • Post-Surgical Care: Mr. Allouni and his team will be at your side while you are recovering. Once you are ready to go home you will be receiving a proper guideline of dos and don’ts that you need to follow and instructions on how often you need to be in touch with your surgeon to share your recovery status.

  • Follow up Stage – FREE: You will be provided with a schedule about your follow up appointments. All your follow-ups with your surgeon will be completely free.

  • Personalized Care: Once you have gone through your surgery, you can always directly contact with Mr. Ammar Allouni and his team in case you face any issue or concern in future.

The cost of Facial procedures is highly personalized depending upon the requirements of the
patient and the outcome of the medical assessment conducted by Mr. Ammar Allouni.

Post Facelift surgery mild bruising and swelling are likely consequences on the face.
However, this may persist for a few days after Facelift procedure. It is advisable to keep your
head raised at 30 degrees (using two pillows) while lying down or sleeping, for a few weeks
post-surgery, to minimize swelling.

The muscles may feel stiff or numb for a few days. You may be ready to resume work and
make public appearances after about 2 weeks.

Mr. Ammar Allouni will attempt to conceal the scars as best as he can through proper
placement which minimizes noticeability. Additionally, you will be provided with detailed
instructions about incision care to ensure that the scars will become less noticeable.
The scar that is formed after a facelift diminishes spontaneously and gradually.

After a Necklift surgery, a bandage is placed around the neck to minimise bruising. The
bandage can come off after a few days. Moving your neck might feel uncomfortable for the
following days, and you’ll probably need to stay in the hospital overnight. If your procedure
involves liposuction, a chin strap will be required at night for a week.

About a week later, there may be some sutures to be removed. Scarring is minimal,
especially through good scar aftercare, and the location of scars is strategic to non-visible
places. Expect to take 2 weeks off work and resume exercise after around 4 weeks.

Facelift surgery may help you look years younger and enhance your attractiveness. Precisely,
you will have a fresher appearance with a more youthful jawline and neck. As a result, your
facial contours will be restored.
Necklift surgery results in a tighter, contoured, and smoother neck, providing a younger and
more youthful appearance. The results are long-lasting and will remain visible for 10 to 15
years. You can help maintain your results by avoiding excessive sun exposure and
drastic weight fluctuations.
While facelift and necklift surgery are a safe procedure, potential risks include temporary
swelling and some bruising, temporary numbness, and scarring. As with any surgery, other
less likely risks can include bleeding, infection, nausea, nerve damage and 
blood clotting.

Why choose Mr Ammar Allouni

  • GMC Certified

    Mr Allouni is on the General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register and is a fully trained aesthetic and plastic surgeon

  • FRCS (Plast)

    Owing to Mr Ammar Allouni’s extensive training and continuous personal development, you can be rest assured to get the finest medical advice from the latest range of treatments available.

  • Unbiased Consultation

    In case of more suitable alternatives, Mr Allouni will not suggest a surgery to you.

  • NHS Consultant Status

    He is highly qualified and completely trained which is in line with the UK medical standards.

  • GP Liaison

    At all times, during the consultation, Mr Ammar Allouni will accept your GP’s (General Practitioner) referral and keep him posted about your detailed treatment procedure with your consent.

  • Ongoing Training

    He keeps himself up to date about latest medical trends by attending national and international scientific seminars and conferences.

  • BUPA Recognised

    Mr Ammar is a medical practitioner who is certified by BUPA medical insurance company.

  • Reputable Clinics

    He is associated with reputed hospitals and clinics in the United Kingdom.

  • Recognised Professional

    Mr Ammar Allouni is a legitimate plastic surgeon recognised by The Royal College of Surgeons of England and member of professional societies like BAAPS and ISAPS.

  • Code of Conduct

    Mr Allouni follows BAAPS guidelines for all his aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries.

Personalized Care

Mr. Ammar Allouni himself attends his patients from first consultation to final discharge.

Clinics & Hospitals

Mr Ammar Allouni is a highly qualified plastic surgeon in the UK who is associated with
esteemed hospitals and clinics.

The Duchy Hospital Harrogate

Queen's Road, Harrogate HG2 0HF, United Kingdom.

Spire Hull and East Ridings

Lowfield Rd, Anlaby, Hull HU10 7AZ, United Kingdom.

Wood Medispa State of Art Aesthetic

Wood Estate Wood EX20 2LS, United Kingdom.

The MACS Clinic London

Unit 3 Wilmington Cl, Watford WD18 0AF, United Kingdom.

NHS Practice

Hull University Teaching Hospitals (Hull Royal Infirmary) – Trauma and Acute Anlaby Rd, Hull HU3 2JZ, United Kingdom.

Hull University Teaching Hospitals (Castle Hill Hospital) – Elective

Anlaby Rd, Hull HU3 2JZ, United Kingdom.

Regents Specialist Clinic

1a Grange Park Ave, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 3BA, United Kingdom.

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We do not share before & after surgery visuals of patients owing to privacy terms and conditions.
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